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Organizational Program:

Community Outreach Project

Nutshell View:


1. Purpose:  Quickly establish communications with most residents of a community to:


a. Open lines of direct communication;


1. Neighborhood block parties.
2. Online research of all business email addresses so newspaper fliers
     can be printed and placed near the coffee pot.
3. Ask clubs and churches to have drives to capture email addresses.
4. Local AM radio talk show.


b. Provide free weekly email news papers on community activities;

May or may not have local paid ads.
Show job listings.
Show volunteer needs and opportunities.
Show upcoming public meetings.


c. Educate and steer residents to all chamber community development programs;


Reveal all websites for local community development.
Offer personal service for those without computer access.


d. Learn of the community needs and address them.


May develop more Chamber projects.
Submit needs to county/City governments.


2. Assets Needed:

            Partial for Chamber Director;
            Full for Program Director;

Contract Help:
          Clubs and churches for help in helping with block parties.
          Help gathering business email addresses.
          Website maintenance.
         News Editor

Hard Assets:

          Electronic equipment;
          Block Party assets, including truck, trailers and storage warehouse;

Other Assets:


Office space


Standard office software

Electronic Community Business directory
Internet & communications
See:  Marketing Plan

3. Grant Request:

Either full four years or one year with three annual extensions.
Allow for growth and general operating expenses.

4.  Software to Come:

Website to capture business and citizen signup.

Budget Costing Sheet - Excel Spreadsheet

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