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Jim Costa             


I was born to be a systems analyst with curiosity about all systems.
I wanted to understand our world because I didn’t. I have been working since the age of 10 (large family).

Education (All night school):

BA in Accounting
MA in Computer Science (Systems Analyst)
AA  Paralegal

Work Experience:

Finance Department, City of Pensacola  

Loan Officer - Commercial Bank
Controller - DOD Contractor
Controller/Grant Writer - Community Mental Health Center

Community Development

I woke up as an intuitive at around age of 49. I dropped out of the work force a year later.

I knew the collapse and reset was coming and wanted to devote my life to it. I have been involved a little with NESARA and then began a website devoted just to the collapse and reset. See:
That was about 10 years ago and my site has been taken down a lot.

I have been planning how communities can quickly recover from the
Collapse and Reset for about ten years.



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