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Program Options


Outreach Program

Business & Jobs

Job & Skills Bank / Employment Center
Ad Hoc Business formations.
Outreach to other communities (seeking contracts for our community to work)
Free Business Development Center

Free Business Leadership School
Revamping Chamber of Commerce (Focus & Revenue)

Food & Supplies

​Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Community Canning Kitchens, Harvesting, etc.

Trucking – Consumer purchasing by the truckload or bulk orders
Regional Trading / Purchasing agents


​Local Currency Creation and Management
Barter (See Local Currency Mgt)
Local Banking & Investment



​Dejure Grand Juries

Local Personal Property Attachments (UCC1)
Arbitration Board
Legal Assistance for common law courts.

Calming & Security

​Local Deputies & Neighborhood Watch
Seminars on spotting personalities
Seminars on The Secret – Law of Attraction.

Group Meditation
       (Dr. John Hageland (The Secret) proved that group meditation done by just a few 
         can calm and physically heal all inhabitants in an entire community, not just those meditating)


Self Insurance:    Fire, Health, Auto

            Group Meditation, Homeopathy

Entertainment & Education

Local Cable Vision
Home schooling, K-12 plus career mentoring.
Community Center, club organizer
DIY Home Center with free advisers, helpers, tools and equipment

Small Cooperative Living communities & Job Creations
       See:  Coop Villages

Governance Involvement

Liaison between the citizens and local government.

Revamping Chamber of Commerce

Focusing attention on local development with less reliance on globalist and national grants.
Developing local future grants and self generated revenue to self support.

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