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   Creating Local Currency  

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1/12/14 Jim's Rant For The Day. Their Own Game.

During the American Revolution, General Francis Marion distinguished himself as a brilliant army officer. He was nick-named "the Swamp Fox" by his advisories, the British, because he hid in swamps where the British could not follow him.  On one occasion, he was ordered to capture Fort Watson, S.C. The fort had tall walls and was heavily fortified with cannons whereas the Americans had no artillery.

General Marion had his men cut trees down during the day. That night they built a log tower next to the fort that was much taller than the fort walls. In the morning sharpshooters fired behind a protective wall down on any soldier that exited their barracks to man their cannons. The 120 man British force surrendered with the loss of only 2 Americans. Gen. Marion beat them at their own game.

We have heard many times Ben Bernanke say that the proper response to a recession or depression is to flood the land with currency. A major characteristic of a depression is a severe shortage of currency in circulation. So Bernanke was right. Our problem however has been that Alan Greenspan and Bernanke both flooded the system with currency but the banks hoarded it and refused to put it into circulation. Thus cash is hard to get to pay mortgages, create jobs or simply to conduct business. Credit has been curtailed as well as the currency. All of this has happened before in numerous U.S. depressions throughout our history. That is why it is believed it is a deliberate tactic of the Cabal in order to gain title to property. Create a boom, then remove the currency and seize assets at bargain costs to the bankers.

Did you know that prior to WWII there were about 3,000 local community currencies created to fill the currency vacuum? This currency was commonly called “Script Money”. I heard about this as a pre-teen. City governments, school boards and even the railroad paid in script. It seems like I read somewhere that even Sears & Roebuck was issuing it. You see, to issue it is quite simple as it is only an IOU. That's it. Its legal as anyone can write an IOU. Get your neighbors to accept it and now you have script currency.

If you look back into history you will see that script money was how all money was created until governments and later the Cabal seized that right. This may be the time that we beat them at their own game and revert back to the old system because they now refuse to play right. I am suggesting that we begin the process to abandon their game and recreate our own game. If we focus on what we want, we can abolish poverty, shortages and suffering in the process. It will be legal and non-violent. I will go into further detail in later Rants. In the meantime just think about it and ask yourself, “What If?”

1/11/14 Jim's Rant For The Day. Producers vs. Non-Producers.

Historically only producers created currency. If a wheat farmer needed nails in December, he would write an IOU for a bushel of wheat, sign it and tender it to the general store for nails. The general store might purchase pelts with it.

It would then pass through the hands of the blacksmith, undertaker, barber and back to the general store several times. Then in the spring it would be redeemed by the wheat farmer. That is script money. The farmer needed money so in a way he lent it to himself by simply creating the currency he needed.

So the producers produced the money. No one in the community would take script from the laziest non-producer in town as it was just worthless paper. So there were controls on the script.

Today the money is created by the Federal Reserve when it too issues IOUs. But the difference is that the Fed Reserve does not produce anything at all! We have been accepting worthless promises all along. What is ironical is that to borrow money from the bank that bank requires a credit check on us whereas when we lend to the bank by accepting it's currency, we don't make the same credit check to make sure that the bank can make good on its money. Here's a wake up call for you: The banks are insolvent and have printed many times over the currency that they can make good. By the way, the same is true of the bank CDs and savings accounts. They are all just unsecured empty promises to pay you back someday if they can.  They have conned us simply be looking like Diamond Jim Brady with a little diamond in the front and nothing else backing them up.

All money is only a promise to produce something of value in the future. That is all it is. So once again, any one of us can write script. We don't need a license to do so. We don't need a degree or balance sheet to do so. Heck, we don't even have to have any money to do so. You just write out an IOU and sign it. But when you do, you cut out the IRS, the bankers, the government and the Cabal. Oh well.

1/13/14 Jim's Rant For The Day. Gold Backed Money.


In the perfect world, most of us would agree that fiat money, which is just printed out of thin air and has nothing of value backing it, is not a good thing. In the perfect world, most of us would agree that returning to gold-backed money would be a good thing, right? Well, we don't live in a perfect world.


To me a perfect world is one without lies and one not containing concealed shenanigans and long-term cons. Take for example the price of diamonds. Most investigators might conclude that for years the De Beers Diamond Trading Company has controlled the volume of diamonds produced world wide and thus have controlled the price of diamonds.

De Beers is not alone in the shenanigans. It seems to have permeated through the world of gold. The U.S. and the Federal Reserve have illegally commandeered most of the physical gold in the world. I used the word “seems” as we really do not know how much gold is in existence as a result of the cons ongoing regarding gold. In fact we don't even know where the majority of the gold resides now not to mention who actually not only has possession of it but who has “legal possession” of it and is it's rightful owner. Lest we not forget all of the worthless tungsten filled gold bars out there confounding the numbers even more.

But lets assume that the day before the world resorts back to gold backed money we are able to determine just how much gold is in existence and how much is still in the ground. Now we have a good starting point to value all money at a known certain price and quantity, right?

Wrong again. To accomplish the above valuation and creation of gold backed currency in each country, each country would have to have that amount of gold already in its possession. If the gold is not there now, and not freely repatriated if they had been conned out of it, then they would have to purchase it from someone else. This could be done fairly if the gold has been fairly distributed back to all of its rightful owners. But if not then that means it would have to be purchased in non-competition trading from the CABAL who stole it in the first place.

If the gold is purchased from the Cabal, then the money system re-evaluation will have accomplished nothing as the Cabal will in effect still be controlling the money supply. Everything that the world has been trying to accomplish by a money re-evaluation will have been a failure and just bringing us right back to where we are now, under the control of the Cabal.

The best that we can hope for is a gold-backed global money system, created outside of the control of the Cabal. If this is not possible, then the best we can hope for is script money because it will most certainly be outside of the Cabal's control.

1/24/14 Jim's Rant For The Day. Script Money Banks.

A few weeks ago I wrote articles regarding script money. My interest was peaked and I read a book about how script money, which we create ourselves, could end our slavery to the Cabal. I was absolutely sold on the concept although I did not know all the minor details on the day to day functioning of the system. The author never explained how the system would work. Now I know that I can go to an existing system and study it, but that would be too easy. I had to have it right in my own head first.

To me, the proof in the pudding of the success ability of such a system lies in the answer to the question: “What happens to George if he is holding $1,000 in script (S$1,000) issued by Tom and Tom dies? Is George out the S$1,000? This is what I have deduced. Please let me know if I am on the right path here.

All script money in Metropolis would have to be created at the Met Script Bank. First the bank would do a check to see if Mary issues $1,000 Met Dollars (M$1,000) for catered meals that she is a qualified caterer or at least a decent cook and she is good for her word.

The Met Dollars would then be printed on the Met Bank stock paper and each M$50 signed by Mary.

The Met Bank charges Mary M$20 for the issuing cost and as a fee to pay the banks upkeep.

Each Met Dollar is assigned a serial number and is logged by the bank for future use and control. Mary then goes out to stores that accept Met Dollars and spends them.

In the meantime, the bank publishes the serial numbers so a merchant not knowing Mary can check to see if the money is counterfeit, if he so desires.

George turns in the M$1,000 issued by Tom before he died. He is given M$1,000 in Non-Tom money.

Met Bank will redeem Met Dollars for outside Federal Reserve Notes to pay non-participating businesses, such as the power company.

At the end of the quarter, Met Bank bills all script issuers their share of the unpaid bank expenses for collecting on bad script, redeemed script that is impossible to collect on such as death, impossibility, issuer skipped out, etc.), and marketing. Each issuer would be billed based on their percentage of script issued to the total. This is truly now a community owned bank.

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