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Job & Skills Bank / Employment Center

1. Nutshell View:


a.  Use newsletter to publish all job vacancies and positions being searched for.
b.  Train all businesses to list job vacancies online with you for free.
c.  Train all residents to apply with you online for free.
d.  Notify applicants when a vacancy is opened.

e.  Have applicants hold a 3 minute podcast of a general interview.
f.   Assist residents with interview process & skills.
g.  List residents for job skills for temporary work opportunities.


2. Assets Needed:

Salaries – Partial for Chamber Director;
                Full for Program Director,

Contract Help:

Website maintenance.


Hard Assets:

Electronic equipment,
Internet Service

3. Grant Request:

Either full four years or one year with three annual extensions.
Allow for growth and general operating expenses.


4. Software to Come:


Website for Job Bank
Website for Skills Bank


        Grant Cost Spreadsheet - Excel


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