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Coop Village

1. Nutshell View:


A community of 400-500 non-denominational, multi-ethnic, diverse people,


•  Designed for the Post Collapse and Reset period.

•  Creating 1,000 jobs.

• A sustainable Community.
  Keeping the planet's resources intact for future generations.

• A Community that shows how.
    State-of-the-art, positive technology can create better living for all life.

• A Community designed to be energy self-sufficient.
     There are existing communities that have already accomplished this.

• A Cooperative Community
    where everyone has more through sharing resources.
    Wealth is redefined as use and access rather than as possession.


See:  All Documentation & Grant Request.

2. Assets Needed:


Partial for Chamber Director;
Full for Program Director,

Contract Help:

Help gathering business email addresses.
Website maintenance.

Hard Assets:

Electronic equipment;

3. Grant Request:

Either full four years or one year with three annual extensions.
Allow for growth and general operating expenses.


4. Software to Come:


$20 Million Grant Request prepared.


Grant Cost Spreadsheet



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