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CSA – Consumer Supported Agriculture

1. Nutshell View:

a. Establish a Consumer Supported  Agriculture (CSA) system in the community.
    (Consumers pay a join up fee prior to growing season to finance the farmer
    in planting what the consumers want.)


b. Establish communications with all growers in the area and their product
   availability and pricing to joint them.


c. Possibly coordinate purchasers with farmers, allowing all to sign up
   on your system and providing that information to growers.

d. Communicating with emails pick-up times.

e.  Collect and disburse payments to farmers.

f.  Possibly manage a central pick-up location.

2. Assets Needed:


Partial for Chamber Director;

Full or part time for Program Director

Contract Help:


Help gathering business email addresses.
Website maintenance.

Hard Assets:

Electronic equipment;


3. Grant Request:

Either full four years or one year with three annual extensions.
Allow for growth and general operating expenses.


4. Software to Come:


Website (to accept payments)



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