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1. Nutshell View:


Intro:  If we revert back to the Republic then we will be back under common law, simplifying our current legal system.  This program will offer free help residents adjust to that.

a.  Legal Assistance for common law courts.


b.  Arbitration Board


c   Legal Assistance for common law courts.


d.  Dejure Grand Juries.
      These are traditional grand juries called by a citizen.
      Jurors can be called from the county jury pool.
      City or state prosecutors may or may not be used.
      This is a check on the governments.

2. Assets Needed:


Partial for Chamber Director;
Full for Program Director,

Contract Help:

Help gathering business email addresses.
Website maintenance.

Hard Assets:

Electronic equipment;

3. Grant Request:

Either full four years or one year with three annual extensions.
Allow for growth and general operating expenses.


4. Software to Come:




Grant Cost Spreadsheet

5.  Budgeting Note:  

Consider placing an attorney on retainer with a specified scope of work to be done and  fees set.

Consider hiring a Legal Assistant for in-house help in conjunction with the above attorney.

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