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About Us

Welcome to our website!
You are here because you were invited as a Chamber of Commerce Director. But if you are too busy to get involved please consider passing this site along to one of your best Movers and Shakers in your community.

Our goal is to get program information out into communities to help them recover economically from the financial carnage we have been through. We are not here to make money. That part is for you leaders that will work for your community in its time of need. The funds raised from this site will go back into research and development for the projects. With the funding here and your User Groups we will create our programs together to better serve your community.

Our intent here is to give you an overview of the programs first, then a detailed manual to implement it. All files will be freely downloadable. For those programs requiring software or websites we will freely provide those so you can customize them for your needs. Bear in mind that this site was begun mid April, 2021 so there is a lot yet to be uploaded and cleaned up but it is being done as quickly as possible.


Our reason for this project is that we are now in a war to determine if Globalism will rule the world or free will and sovereignty. It is appearing the globalism and a One World System will fail. If it does there is a high probability that many international banks and marking corporations will disappear from our communities leaving vacuums in their place and upsetting your commerce.

We have been studying this possibility for ten years and envisioning local options to get communities back on track.

The key to the program options is to quickly establish communication links with all businesses as well as most citizens in your community. This will allow your organization to market all the free services that you will provide and position your organization as a major local independent player.   (See: Outreach Project later)

Funding and your profit will be supplied by grants to follow the Financial Reset, through NESARA and Humanity Grants. We will have template grant requests for you to use and customize. One grant for just one project is for $20 Million.

Most grants will be for 4 years. That gives you time to get well developed in the community and either draw more grants or become a pure for-profit business. We will assist you whichever way you go.

No financial or legal relationship will bind us in your ventures. We simply volunteer to assist you

A Chamber of Commerce is not required. A Profit or Not for Profit corporation can be created just to receive and administer the grants.

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